Great Review of Unraveled on Lucid Culture!

14 Nov

From Lucid Culture:

The Threeds’ Oboes Make You Laugh and Give You Chills Too

The idea of a band with three oboes and not much of anything else is pretty awesome in itself. Add an irrepressible sense of humor, a penchant for rearranging familiar tunes in unfamiliar ways, and three players with chops as soulful as they are technically impressive, and you get the Threeds oboe trio. Their new album Unraveling is pure joy – except when it’s bittersweet, or sad, or even haunting, as it is much of the time. Much as Kathy Halvorson, Mark Snyder and Katie Scheele have a great time rearranging Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bjork and others, this is as about as far from a joke record as you can get. Can you say cutting-edge with a smirk?

On the opening track, Joga, they find Bjork’s plaintive inner baroque soul. Their cover of Billie Jean has a bass clarinet playing the bassline perfectly deadpan and mechanical, with the trio in perfect alignment. In the beginning, the arrangement really nails the cold, heartless precision of the original; as it goes on, it’s impossible to escape the context, and becomes just plain hilarious, especially when two of the oboes do those staccato backing vocal lines. Best yet, you can download it for free. While the version of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition also has the bass clarinet playing the bassline, it swings, and so do the oboes – it’s blissfully funky. In a pretty stark contrast, Paranoid Android gives Radiohead’s crazy cyborg some real humanity – when it segues into a restless march, it’s one of the most unaffectedly intense moments on the album.

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat begins as a duo, with Scott Anderson on acoustic guitar and Halvorson playing Mingus’ sad, bitter lead lines. It’s a potent reminder that Mingus wrote the song as an elegy for Lester Young, the bass clarinet’s sustained lines underscoring Halvorson’s understatedly wounded, blues-infused phrasing. Light My Fire has drums, percussion, and tambourine along with bass clarinet – it works as well as it does because Manzarek nicked a Chopin riff for it! The spiraling bop oboe at the point where the organ solo kicks in is pretty hilarious, and absolutely spot-on. The most intriguingly complex arrangement here is the series of lushly intricate, shifting segments in the suspenseful, nocturnal Spanish Stairs.

Dospatsko Horo is the Balkans done as baroque – it doesn’t quite turn the party into a wake but it’s definitely a radical reinvention. Hoagy Carmichael’s Skylark also gets a radical reinvention, in this case as riff-driven 21st century circular music.The other tracks include the classic tango El Choclo done as a brooding yet sprightly baroque round; Oblivion, a bolero-flavored pop ballad; Little Feat’s Roll Um Easy, which surprisingly hits a mellow early 70s Allman Brothers vibe, soaring oboes enhancing the blue-sky ambience. The only track here that’s not worth uploading is not the band’s fault. This works on so many levels – as party music, as a monster ipod mix and as sophisticated 21st century stuff. Look for this one on our best-of-2011 list at the end of the year.


FREE Concert for Kids Today!

13 Nov

Come join us as we travel through time today at the Bloomingdale School of Music! We’ll be performing a FREE concert at 1pm for kids of all ages. Music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Gershwin, the Beatles, the Doors, Michael Jackson and more!

Bloomingdale School of Music
323 West 108th Street
New York, NY

See you there!

FREE Concert for Kids this Sunday!

8 Nov

From Bach to Rock: Time Traveling with Threeds Oboe Trio!

Sunday, November 13th at 1pm

Bloomingdale School of Music
323 West 108th Street

Travel through time with Threeds oboe trio! Buckle up and bring your baton as we take a trip through all of the musical time periods from Bach to Rock! We’ll start with Baroque masters Bach and Quantz. After this we’ll head into the future with the classical music of Beethoven and Mozart, then we’ll get a little romantic with Edward MacDowell. From there we’ll shoot on up to the 20th century with our friend Bartok. While we’re there, we’ll hit a jazz club or two with Gershwin! Then we’ll head way into the future and explore some good old rock and roll with The Beatles, The Doors and the King of Pop. Our final destination will be in the present day, where we’ll need your help to compose a piece of new music!

Children of all ages welcome!

Our Producer Needs Your Help!

1 Nov

Did you enjoy our debut CD Unraveled? If so, please consider donating to our producer’s Kickstarter campaign. Scott Anderson is a genius and we could not have made our album without him! He is incredibly generous with his time and talent. Now it is our turn to help him! Watch the video below and make a donation if you can- every little bit helps!

Free Concert Tonight in Brooklyn!

30 Oct

Tonight we’ll be playing a FREE show at 6pm at the Good Shepherd Church in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.   Special guest Keve Wilson on oboe!

Good Shepherd Church

1950 Batchelder Street

Music by Bartok, Mozart, Ibert, Carmichael, Gershwin and more!

Amazing Night!

28 Oct

We had such a blast at our CD Release show last night- thanks to each and every one of you who braved the cold rain and came out to pack Rockwood 2!  What a fun show- special thanks to Paul Brill, Scott Anderson, Christof Knoche, Marc Dalio and Masai Electro for sharing their amazing talents with us- wow, we were so lucky to have them!

Here is the link to Scott Anderson’s Kickstarter page (he produced our album, arranged tunes for it, played on it, made magic happen!)- please help him to reach his goal if you can.  Every little but helps!

Thank you all, we couldn’t do it without your continued support!



25 Oct

We were thrilled to visit the offices of Time Out NY today to do video shoot for “Live at TONY” to promote our CD release show on Thursday! Thanks to Steve Smith for inviting us in and Alanna Maharajh Stone for making it happen. Enjoy!


Thursday, October 27th at 8pm sharp
Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2
196 Allen Street

FREE CD Release Show on 10/27!

17 Oct

Getting excited for our FREE CD Release show on Thursday, 10/27 at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2)- 8pm sharp! We’ll have several extra-special guests (including Paul Brill, Scott Anderson, Christof Knoche & Marc Dalio), CDs giveaways and more! Stop by, grab a drink and enjoy the show!

Union Square & NYU Today!

16 Oct

Today we’ll be playing at the Union Square subway station (near the entrance to the N/R train) as part of Music Under NY. Catch us there from 12-3pm! Then we’ll head down to NYU for their 2011 Double Reed Day. See you there!

Union Square Subway & NYU this Sunday!

14 Oct

We are excited to be playing in two of New York City’s most popular places- the Union Square subway station and NYU!

Sunday, Oct. 16th from 12pm-3pm
We’ll be rockin’ the Union Sq. station
Near the N/R train entrance
as part of Music Under New York
Stop by and say hello!

Then, we’ll be heading over to NYU
to participate in their
Woodwind Day

See you on Sunday!