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Threeds: Coming to a Subway Near You!

28 Sep

We are excited to be making our NYC Subway debut on Thursday, Oct. 6th from 7-10pm at the Astor Place 6 train stop! We’ll also be playing on Sunday, Oct. 16th from 12-3pm in the Union Square station near the N/R train. Stop by and cheer us on! For more info on MUNY (Music Under New York) vist their website here.


Great Review of “Unraveled”!

5 Sep

Thanks to Joshua Farber at for this great review!

“Pulling threads can lead to new discovery; such is our mandate and mission here at Cover Lay Down. But this week’s must-hear two-fer comes via an especially circuitous route, one which began with the snailmail delivery of Unraveled, the Kickstarter-funded debut album from Threeds, an avant-garde oboe trio based out of NYC.

As expected, Unraveled isn’t folk; iTunes auto-categorizes it as Jazz, and I suppose that’s about right, though the beatbox rhythms which drive several early tracks are delightful, and the album resonates well with my classically-trained spouse, too. But I’m quite glad I decided to spin it anyway, as among the multiple covers and originals on this tightly woven genre-smashing journey of an album are several tracks accompanied by guitar and voice – and though my favorite of these, Edge Of My Seat, is not technically a cover, but a new arrangement of an original song penned and performed here by Amber Rubarth, the Little Feat cover below, which features Rubarth and Paul Brill on vocals, is more representative of the eerily well-produced album, which also contains reed-driven covers of Charles Mingus, Radiohead, Bjork, The Doors, Michael Jackson, and more.”